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At the moment only some of the products are available for purchase. Actually, not all producers have at their disposal the necessary quantities or the means to carry out shipment. If you want to taste some of the typical products shown on this site, you can go and visit the producer directly in their company and find out where their products are created.
At the moment the online sale is active only for the oil and jam categories. We are starting with these products because during the shipment the organoleptic properties of meats and cheeses could change and we would like the products to arrive at your home intact with their flavours and aromas. However, we are gearing up to make the delivery of these products possible, which we hope will happen soon.
Very well! When you are in the "my cart" section, click on "Pay with Amazon". You will be directed to if you have an Amazon account and you are already logged in, you just have to continue and pay as you normally do on Amazon. If this is not the case, we recommend that you create an Amazon account and then proceed with the purchase as explained above. One last thing: in the “my cart” section you will find the "Coupon Code" section. This is not the code from the producer's coupon but an active discount code in case of promotions or special events!
By downloading the coupon you can go directly to the producer and taste his creations surrounded by the beauty of the Apennines. Show the coupon to the producer so they know that you found it thanks to our site! As for the discount rates, we are making arrangements with individual producers: perhaps not everyone will be able to apply a substantial discount because they are still in difficulty after the earthquake. However, we hope that you want to go anyway to make a solidary purchase in order to help the economy of these magnificent places.
The first step is to register on our site. At the top right corner of the initial page you can find the "Login" section; if you are signing in for the first time, create an account by inserting a username of your choice, your email and a password you want. At this point you can go to the producer´s profile and, by clicking on "Your opinion counts ... Vote!", rate them from 1 to 5. You can do it only once for each producer so try to give ratings wisely!