Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and if you do not find the answers you are looking for, please email info@bestoftheapps.it or call +39 0732.3455

If you have a food business based in one of the following four regions: Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, or Lazio, you can join the project by writing to info@bestoftheapps.it or by calling +39 0732.3455. The editorial staff will be at your disposal to provide you with more information or to help you organize the material necessary for publication on the portal.
Best of the Apps is a project by Aristide Merloni Foundation in collaboration with Vodafone Italia Foundation. Both foundations strongly believe in the ethical value of the post-earthquake initiatives. Their sensitivity to these social issues resulted in joining forces and creating, together with the Censis research centre, an initiative that is totally free of charge.
Of course. Having a website is not an essential factor for joining the project. You can therefore contact us even if you do not have a site.
Of course. We do not ask for any sales exclusivity. The only thing you need to check is that you have not signed any exclusivity agreements with the others.
Of course. If there is no product availability we will inform potential buyers that it will be available soon. In the meantime they can come and see you in person and maybe do a tasting.
Of course. Best of the Apps is constantly evolving. We have started with the four categories of cured meat, cheese, jam and oil but do not despair! You can send us an e-mail or call to talk to us about your product, which could be included in one of the categories.
Of course. The sale will take place in the most classic way (at your company) but this does not mean it will be any less effective.
Of course. Best of the Apps gives you the opportunity to appear on the portal even as a showcase so that your company can be visited in person. Once visitors reach your company, they can easily purchase the products.
No,it isn´t. The entire sales procedure on Amazon is managed by us. You simply send a package to our office with the products that we order. It will be up to us to then manage the relations and the logistics with Amazon. In addition, you will be paid for the products regardless the actual sale on the market. As you can see it is very simple; you can try and contact us and sell some products. If this mode of selling does not satisfy you, you can interrupt it at any time and still showcase on our website.
No, the profile is created and implemented by the Best of the Apps team. If you need to change data or add photos you can easily email info@bestoftheapps.it or call +39 0732.3455. We will be happy to help you improve the format of your presentation!