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Cheese Factory and Farm 2018 to live and taste the stories of cheese

Postato su 14/09/2018

September 15th and 16th: the first Open Day of cheese producers starts. An experience that will take you behind the scenes of the best Italian dairies.


8 products of the Sibillini to taste at least once in life

Postato su 28/08/2018

In the Sibillini unique and unrepeatable products are produced. We’ll talk about 8 specialities to discover while walking through these mountains.


Fior di Cacio 2018 – Vallo di Nera e le verdi terre del Pecorino

Postato su 05/06/2018

June 9th and 10th: two days dedicated to Valnerina cheese. Through laboratories and tastings, the “Land of tales and flavours” is reborn.