Agresto - aceto dolce a base di mostoAgresto - aceto dolce a base di mosto

Agresto – aceto dolce a base di mosto

from Producer La Bona Usanza

Agresto is a sweet vinegar made from cooked must, which is thick with a strong acidic note. Sweet and sour at the same time, used since ancient times, it was well known in ancient Rome and then in medieval times in all those territories where the vine was cultivated to add flavour to meat and vegetables or as an essential component of more elaborate sauces.

The term “Agresto” recalls the sharp and sour flavours and our farmers produced this dressing from small grapes, which were not ripe at the time of harvest, and left it to mature in a specially selected little barrel. It was present for centuries in all the farmhouses, also used as a thirst-quencher when fresh water was added. Its use decreased with the arrival of tomato in the kitchen at the end of the 19th century. It is a simple and natural product, rediscovered in recent years due to the versatility of its use in the kitchen.

Food pairings: recommended with salads, boiled potatoes, grilled vegetables, sweet and sour onions. Easy to apply even on meat to add flavour to veal, venison, pork liver, chicken giblets, turkey escalopes, duck breasts. Price: 17.9 (as of 10/12/2023 22:03 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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