Bucchero cheese aged in a pitBucchero cheese aged in a pit

Bucchero cheese aged in a pit

from Producer Azienda Agricola Fontegranne

Azienda Agricola Fontegranne

How “I am” produced: from raw whole cow’s milk. I am steamed using kid rennet.

How “I look” on the outside: irregular cylindrical shape with irregular rind. Slightly wrinkled rind with a light straw-yellow colour and parts covered with aromatic herbs.

How “I look” on the inside: thick ivory white paste with irregularly shaped and diffused holes.

How “I smell”: penetrating, spicy, herbaceous, of humus and fermented grass.

How “I taste”: I have a compact, fragrant, and sweet at the beginning paste, then spicy, with notes of earth and mushrooms.

How “I am” born: 2 months maturing in the cellar, 3 months in the cave, finally ripened in the pit for a period of 4 months.

How “I should” be served: thinly sliced.

How much “I weigh”: 3.3 kg (my weight can vary up to 15%).