Cantiano sour cherries in syrupCantiano sour cherries in syrup

Cantiano sour cherries in syrup

from Producer Azienda Agricola Morello Austera

Cantiano Amarena is the symbolic product of the village of Cantiano, which is on the border between Marche and Umbria regions. Following a recipe from the early 1900s, the Azienda Agricola Morello Austera gives life to a cherry syrup that respects the peasant and artisanal tradition of the time. The production methods are kept unchanged, from the cultivation of the orchards to the transformation into the finished product.

The sour cherry is little known outside the Marche region. It is picked when ripe around the middle of June, cleaned and cored. What distinguishes the company’s manufacturing process is the dripping, a traditional method that allows to collect every single drop of the fruit. In this way, the mixture retains all the flavours and the sugary aroma of the Marche sour cherry.

Ingredients: sour cherries, sour cherry juice, sugar, Peruvian carob flour, agar, almond oil, citrus peel, spices.
To be used for pastry and ice cream.
Pack of 3 kg.