Casec - Cow milk cheeseCasec - Cow milk cheese

Casec – Cow milk cheese

from Producer Azienda Agricola Fontegranne

How “I am” produced: from raw whole cow’s milk. I am prepared using veal rennet and covered in chestnut leaves immediately after production.

How “I look” on the outside: I have a square shape of 20 cm with irregular rind with crinkles and hollows on the side, covered in chestnut leaves, varying from straight to concave.

How “I look” on the inside: smooth porcelain white paste, with leakage on the part next to the rind, with small irregularly diffused holes.

How “I smell”: delicate aromas of cream and milk, hints of grass, humus and fungus.

How “I taste”: I am sweet initially, then slightly acidic with balanced flavour. The aromas of humus accompany the tasting from beginning to end.

When “I am” born: 60 days

How “I should” be served: in slices

With what “I get on well”: rosehip jam, citrus marmalade in general. Acacia honey. Pink apple.

“My” favourite wine: soft white, with overripe and aromatic grapes.