Giotto - Organic EV olive oil in tin canGiotto - Organic EV olive oil in tin can

Giotto – Organic EV olive oil in tin can

from Producer Frantoio Tini

CHARACTERISTICS: Organic extra virgin olive oil produced by hand in Italy from locally grown olives, which are harvested and processed using certified organic methods. All stages of the supply chain, from the environmentally friendly processing of the land through collection systems to the extraction of oil, take place in compliance with the regulations in force in the sector and are certified by authorized inspection bodies.

REGION: Abruzzo, raw material and production, at about 370 MASL

HAVESTING PERIOD: the first 10 days of October

MILLING AND EXTRACTION PROCESS: continuous milling cycle, cold extraction

VARIETY SELECTION: Dritta 50%, Frantoio 25%, Leccino 15%, Rosciola 10%

SENSORY EVALUATION: Medium intensity of fruity, decidedly herbaceous with hints of artichoke and fresh almonds. On the palate, important and harmonious notes of bitter and spicy with the aftertaste of almond, artichoke and slightly of tomato.

IDEAL FOR: steak slices, roasted chicken a la “diavola”, pureed soups, Caprese tomato salad, fish soups, stew a la “vastese”, grilled fish, salads, bruschetta and soups