Confettura extra Mela Verde - 225grConfettura extra Mela Verde - 225gr

Confettura extra Mela Verde – 225gr

from Producer Azienda Agricola Morello Austera

Azienda Agricola Morello Austera

This extra jam of Az. Agr. Morello Austera is born from the selection of green apples typical of the central area of Italy that crosses the Marche and Umbria regions.

Green apples of ancient origin, take different names if they are tasted in Umbria or Marche. They are known as “Conventine” by the inhabitants of the Marche region and as “Comentine” from Cantiano (PU) to Umbria. These green apples represent today a rare example of arboreal, rustic and vigorous plants, to be protected.

The fruits, medium to large in size and oblong in shape, are harvested in autumn when their skin takes on shades of yellowish green and enhance the typical rusty lenticels. The production method aims to preserve the aromas and freshness of the fruit.

Apples (about 60%) are delicately worked with white granulated sugar and lemon peel. By using 100 g of selected apples for every 100 grams of jam, Azienda Morello Austera creates an extra jam of character that preserves the taste, vigour and the crisp aroma of these precious and ancient apples.

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