Lager beer - GiovanniLager beer - Giovanni

Lager beer – Giovanni

from Producer Birrificio Millecento

Visual examination: Blond / gold color with white foam, generous, compact and persistent. Good carbonation.

Olfactory test: The malt arrives immediately, followed by some elegant and delicate floral notes. Quite intense and decisive, but balanced.

Taste examination: medium-bodied, slightly bitter and with a moderate effervescence, has an excellent balance with good persistence. In the mouth the presence of the malt is firm and elegant. At the end of the taste is dry, and slight hoppy note comes out.

Style: pilsen.

Fermentation: low.

Color: 8.

Bitter unit: 24 IBU.

Alcohol content: 4.7%.

System: single-electric heating.

Water used: a calcareous spring water, coming from one of the historic springs of the Umbrian-Marche Apennines, San Cassiano.

Origin of raw materials: Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, England, France.

Preservation and service: to be consumed fresh to savor its fragrance and aromas. It does not benefit from aging. To be served cold but not frozen, at about 8/10 ° C. Please, use a narrow and tall Pils glass.

Recommended pairings: You can drink it with any food, but it is recommended not to serve it with spicy dishes, sauces or tomato-based sauces. Enjoy it with fish appetizers (molluscs). white meats and fresh cheeses.

INGREDIENTS: Barley malt, wheat malt, oligomineral water yeast hop.

ALLERGENS: Contains gluten wheat malt, barley malt.