Liver SalamiLiver Salami

Liver Salami

from Producer Agricola Gioia

Salame of ancient tradition of Fabriano, mentioned and even praised by Garibaldi in 1877.

Produced strictly from pigs reared in the area, using selected meat from the hip, then the most valuable part of the pig: ham. It is ground for a long time to reduce everything to a fine-grained paste; then it is flavoured with salt, pepper powder and stays in grain form due to added cubes of the best lard, which is only the one from the back of a pig.

It is stuffed into a beef or pork casing, with a few additions of aromas, left to dry near the fireplace, aged for about two months.

The taste is intense and it is served cut into fairly thick slices to savour the lean meat, while the whole lardello (cubes of lard) slowly melt in the mouth. In the liver version, the taste is more pungent and wild.