Maxim's - Orange flavoured EV olive oilMaxim's - Orange flavoured EV olive oil

Maxim’s – Orange flavoured EV olive oil

from Producer Frantoio Pedicone

Frantoio Pedicone chooses the fruits for flavouring, they wash them, cut them and add them directly to the olives at the time of milling. In this way the flavours blend perfectly from the earliest stages of production and the oil as well as aromas and even nutritious properties in it are enriched, just like the one done at home.

For the oil base, Frantoio Pedicone selects olives of mixed variety that tend to be of a delicate flavour, to allow the aromas to stand out: Leccino, Pendolino and Frantoio. Oranges from Sicily.

Food Pairings: the orange flavoured oil is surprising combined with a raw side of fennel and olives, with cold emmer salads for the summer, or even on desserts; adds a fruity touch to a good cream or vanilla ice cream.