Mortadella di campotostoMortadella di campotosto

Mortadella di campotosto

from Producer Salumi Berardi

Typical cured meat produced in limited quantities in the territory of Campotosto, in the province of L’Aquila and surrounding areas.

It is usually called “coglioni di Mulo” for its ovoid shape and for the fact that the aging is done by tying the pieces two by two. It is made from a mixture of raw and lean pork meat with the addition of finely minced bacon. There is a small piece of lard inside. The two pieces are dried first in the fireplace for a fortnight, then aged by slowly tightening the knot to make the meat compact and dry. The mountain climate does the rest.

A product for expert palates with an intense, spicy taste in which you can also feel a bit of smokiness. To be tried calmly and wait for the surprise of sweet lardello cubes, which must be white or rosé in colour.