Norcia hamNorcia ham

Norcia ham

from Producer Azienda Agricola Fratelli Rustici

The Italian origins of ham as it is today go back in time and are lost in a rural tradition of each family while handed down from generation to generation.

The production involves an initial trimming of the pig’s back leg at the hip, and then it continues with the aromatization of pork with salt and pepper and a wash in order for the excess liquids to run off. After a few months in storage, the ham is coated with a layer of fat and pepper. In these conditions, then, the ham is aged for a few months (up to 2 years!).

The Norcia PGI ham is an aged raw product produced in the Norcia area, the green heart of Umbria, with a centuries-old gastronomic tradition, especially when it comes to cured meat. Tasty, aromatic and delicate, the raw PGI confirms the excellence of the Umbrian professionals of the delicatessen, who not by chance are now called Norcini throughout Italy.

It is compact, of red / dark rosé colour. The scent is slightly spicy, the taste delicate but savoury, never too salty.