Soft cheese from Urbino PDOSoft cheese from Urbino PDO

Soft cheese from Urbino PDO

from Producer Caseificio Val D'Apsa

This real Casciotta d’Urbino DOP is produced exclusively in the territory of the province of Pesaro-Urbino, according to ancient techniques now strictly certified. Its origins date back to the sixteenth century which makes it one of the oldest cheeses in Italy.

Casciotta d’Urbino DOP is made from a mixture of sheep’s milk (70-80%) and cow’s milk (20-30%). It is a soft and crumbly cheese with a sweet and pleasant flavour.

Fresh and creamy, Casciotta d’Urbino DOP, is the lead on the table at any time: with small appetizers, paired with pears or figs, or for stuffing fresh pasta. Excellent with side dishes cooked on a hot plate and even if heated and left to cool remains soft and tasty, it is particularly suitable to be eaten cut into thin strips, accompanied with seasonal fresh vegetables with balsamic vinegar.