Confettura extra di visciola - 225grConfettura extra di visciola - 225gr

Confettura extra di visciola – 225gr

from Producer Azienda Agricola Morello Austera

Azienda Agricola Morello Austera

This rare jam, typical of the Marche region, is born to preserve the virtue of sour cherries throughout the year.

The fruits are selected from arboreal plants cultivated according to the natural approach.

The harvest takes place in the middle of June: during the cooler hours of the days, early morning or late evening.

To maintain the full and real flavours of sour cherries, their processing takes place immediately afterwards. To get sour cherry jam, 60% of Prunus Cerasus “Austera” variety (hence the name of the company Morello Austera) is used, processed with sugar, which guarantees the long shelf life of this product. It contains no additives, colourants or thickeners.

The sweetness, the density and the balance between the characteristic acid properties and the intrinsic aromaticity of the fruits make this rare jam rich in character and unique due to the use of lemon peel in its preparation.

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